The Pit Stop is different from other motorsport magazines. We don't look to provide race reports or news that is immediately out of date. There are other platforms for that. We also don't prioritise any one series.

Our magazine was created for features. Rob Hansford, our co-founder and editor loves features in magazines, but so often they are limited to one or two per issue. News takes priority, and rightly so, but we wanted to do something different.

And so, in partnership with our image editor and co-founder, Brian Smith, The Pit Stop was created to fill that void.

For us, it's all about the long reads. All of our main articles are a minimum of 1,500 words and we compliment them with some of the greatest imagery in the industry.

There's an abundance of motorsport stories from both the past and present that simply don't have an outlet...until now.

It doesn't matter if it's to do with single-seaters, rally cars, dragsters, or motorbikes. If the subject is interesting, has wheels, an engine and used in a competitive manner, we will look to showcase it to you.

Each feature is explored in detail ensuring every story is given the time it truly deserves. That means if a story takes 12 pages or 16 pages to get it across completely, then that's what it takes. We have no limits, no boundaries. We do what's right.

Each issue has 152 pages of content, has minimal advertising and weighs in at 1kg when shipped.

If you want variety, don't want to be pinned down to a specific series and are open to reading untold stories then we are the magazine for you!